Welcome to David Russo

Australia's leading fresh fruit and vegetables agent and merchant. With more than 30 years fresh produce industry experience David Russo supplies the market with quality produce and a small core of elite products.

snow peas in a bowl on hession tablecloth


Small in size, large in taste. Eaten fresh or cooked snow peas provide a powerful hit of vitamin C, essential for a healthy body. Crunchy and green, they are the perfect accompaniment to any dish.

sweet potato in wooden box on table


This versatile veg is David’s favourite and it is easy to see why. Packed full of vitamins they are a stable for every dinner table all year round.

chopped zucchinis on cutting board with knife


Our growers put their heart into growing this crop, and it shows! Great for the heart, our zucchinis will be sure to put a smile on the whole family’s face.