About  Us

David Russo Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company committed to providing high-quality produce to all Australians, nationwide. Backed by our specialised team of professionals, we are able to deliver excellence.

Company Founded

Founded in 1990, David Russo has been involved in the fresh produce industry in xcess of thirty years. Our teams’ passion is evident by the attention to detail and drive to ensure quality product and service.

Quality Assurance

Our team recognises that in order to achieve high quality year round we must adapt to the ever changing world and do so by implementing cutting edge technology in our growing facilities. Monitoring quality at all stages, from the farms, throughout the packaging phase, all the way until our produce is transported to distribution centres across the country.

Exceptional service

It is our aim to provide the highest quality service, to not only meet, but exceed our customers expectations. We are able to achieve this quality of service by being open to valuable feedback and working to fulfil any specific needs required by our clients and meeting these needs with the greatest efficiency.

zucchini parsley and vine tomatoes on wooden barrel

Competitive prices

Working together with our suppliers and retailers, we are able to provide competitive prices whilst still maintaining our high standards. Enabling retailers to have direct access to suppliers removes non-essential links in the supply chain, reducing movement time and shifting savings to the retailer.

Continually Expanding

We have become a recognised market agency in a highly volatile industry. Daily communication with our growers has become embedded in our culture to ensure consistent exceptional produce for our customers which has allowed us to grow into new sectors.

Australian Owned

Having our own farms and strong partnerships with all our growers creates a well developed Australia-wide network that is able to work cohesively to meet all our clients’ needs.