Our Quality

We take quality seriously at David Russo and consistently update and adapt our practices to ensure ongoing quality.

Quality is Our Priority

Lots can go wrong in this industry because of a lack of knowledge and resources devoted to quality assurance. Thankfully, David Russo ensures that our priority is our quality. We ensure that all our staff are experienced and given the knowledge to create a safe workplace, even bringing external professionals to analyse our procedures and additionally to educate our employees on the latest quality assurance policies.

Our premises

Warehouse, stand and cool rooms are kept cleaned and sanitized with food grade detergents (MSDS available). Premise is rodent free and maintained by Bug Stop Industrial Exterminators regularly.

Our Equipment

All quality control equipment is maintained and calibrated. Temperature control is very important to ensure shelf life of our products.

Our Farms

Maintaining a good relationship with our growers and our strong commitment to our HACCP Quality System guarantees quality produce.

HACCP Quality System

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, or HACCP, is a globally recognised systems which ensures food safety for customers. Implementation of a HACCP means consistently examining our current quality assurance procedures, and focusing on avoiding hazards rather than attempting to resolve a hazard, thus reducing risk and increasing quality. Fresh produce is achieved through working closely with our growers according to our HACCP Quality System and ensuring produce is kept in a temperature controlled environment to increase its lifespan and quality.

Our Accountability

We place great importance on traceability, to accurately identify products in the event of a product recall. Traceability is considered essential as it identifies growers ensuring their produce is of the highest quality and allows an ability to alter existing procedures that have in someway not meet our high standards.

Our Staff

Staff are required to be clean, neat and observe general rules of hygiene, with constant workshops run by our experience Quality Assurance team to ensure all our workers assist in maintaining our mission.